Icefield Discovery Camp

The Icefield Discovery Camp is situated in the heart of the St. Elias Mountains, between the Kaskawulsh, Logan and Hubbard Glaciers. Mt. Logan is the dominant massif to the south; Augusta, Steele and Lucania complete the panorama and Mt. Queen Mary is immediately accessible from the camp. The location of the camp was chosen for its crevasse free zone, relative ease of aircraft access, variety of surrounding terrain, and great view of the north face of Mt. Logan.

The icefield site is an excellent place to introduce people to glacier environments. The Icefield Discovery programs focus on teaching people the skills to travel safely on glaciers, the inner workings of glaciers and their importance to world hydrology, geography and climate. Participants come away with a great appreciation for the beauty of this dynamic environment.

Icefield Discovery opened the glacier camp in 1998, to provide a comfortable base for all who want to explore and experience the largest non-polar icefield in the world. The main 16' x 32', heated Weather Haven, houses washing, cooking and dining facilities. The surrounding tents provide sleeping quarters for up to 12 people. The staff look after all camp logistics, cook great mountain food and ensure the safety of all activities.

We are proud to be operating a very low impact camp in the middle of Kluane National Park, a designated Unesco World Heritage Site. All water is melted on site and all human waste and garbage is flown out for disposal. Sustainable practices are considered in all aspects of maintaining this camp.

Cost per person for 3 nights is $1250 base, with a minimum of 2 people.

Glacier Camp

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