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Major Peaks of the St. Elias (1 hour) On this flight you will see many peaks in the St. Elias. We are always trying for the big one, Mt. Logan at close to 6000 meters. Along the way there are many other impressive giants, including Steele, Wood, Vancouver, King George, Kennedy, Hubbard, Alverston, Pinnacle, Lucania, and the principal, Mt. St. Elias. Included in your tour is an illustrated in-flight guide that will help you identify the mountains and glaciers in conjunction with the pilot’s interpretive talk. $250 per person.

The Ultimate Experience! (1.5 hours) Fly over the St. Elias Mountains in a ski plane and land on the icefield. Our landing site is just across from Mt. Logan at the Icefield Discovery Base Camp. This is the opportunity to get out on the snow, take some great photos and absorb the vastness and silence of the largest non-polar icefield in the world. $350 per person (max 4 passengers)

Logan Up Close (2 hours) This tour is for anyone who wants to see more of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and look into the history of the region. Fly past the boundary survey route between Alaska and Canada, the Centennial Range and Good Neighbor Peak, the Duke of Abruzzi’s first ascent route on Mt. St. Elias, and the epic Hummingbird ridge leading up the South side of the Logan massif. Discover more about the scientists and mountaineers who first explored this remote part of the world when you fly with us. $1600 per group (max 4 passengers)

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